Mini Ulpanim   אולפנים קצרים

They have been offered in


Vancouver BC, Canada

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Peking University, Beijing, China


…. and in Your Community and School?

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Mini Ulpan Aleph

Mini Ulpan Aleph Plus

Mini Ulpan Bet

Immerse yourself in Modern Hebrew.

Learn through talking and listening to stories, watching videos and singing, reading, writing and … eating, 

 all in a small groups with an expert Israeli teacher.

These  week-long / 5 Sundays  (25 hours) Hebrew courses are designed to:

  • Enrich your vocabulary
  • Give you confidence to speak easily
  • Encourage you to read more than a textbook
  • Deepen your understanding of Hebrew grammar

Each of the 3 courses offered is an efficient and effective intensive introduction or review to the level depending on your background.

 Students’ Feedback to the Mini Ulpan Courses

Read  more about the Mini Ulpan program Pedagogy:


The above article is based on the following unpublished paper:

  Hebrew Children’s Literature and the Adult Learner of Hebrew (2005).

Please click on titles below to link to detailed discussion of each story:

   Avner Katz – And then the Turtle Built a House

   Lea Goldberg – A Flat for Rent

   David Grossman – Itamar Walks on Walls

   Rivkah Elitsur – Yonathan and Little Grandpa


The above article is based on the following unpublished paper:

(2005). The Double role of Illustrated Stories in the Additional Language Beginners’ Course