Aleph Bet the Practical Way – 10 Hebrew Reading Lessons

Before studying with Hinneh ensure your ability to read Hebrew letters with vowels.

If needed, you are welcome to use Hebrew Reading Course by Rahel Halabe offered here free of charge.

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Notes to Instructors:

Vowels in these Hebrew Reading Lessons are presented in a practical way (not categorized as long/short, full/half vowels). This program is aimed at reading and not linguistic competence.

In class, make sure to demonstrate the reading of every word, phrase or sentence which introduces new letters or vowel signs. Students should follow your reading in their turn. Only then may you discuss the letters and vowels introduced.

Reading practice on syllables and words help students internalize the information taught. At this level, only accurate reading is expected, not comprehension. Students may still occasionally enjoy encountering and identifying familiar vocabulary among the words they decipher.

A few elementary grammatical subjects are added throughout this Hebrew Reading course (subject pronouns, definite article, Vav conjunctive, etc.). They are only briefly mentioned and should not be dwelt upon at this stage. They are offered just to add slightly more interesting content to tedious, but necessary stage of learning letters and vowel signs.

This course was written with people aiming to read the Siddur and the Hebrew Bible in mind. Therefore, most passages offered for reading practice (towards the end of the course), are taken from these sources. However, these lessons would also work well for those preparing to study Modern Hebrew.